Your Feedback & Experience Matters to us

Inclusion Matters is in our name and it's in our approach too.

Talking therapy is not supposed to be something which is 'done to you' but instead should be seen as an effective treatment that involves listening, working together and involving you to improve your sense of wellbeing and everyday functioning.

Like most organisations we have information and reports that tell us how we're doing, but that can only ever be half of the story.

You make the difference

It's your feedback and experiences that make the difference and it's these that will help us to monitor and improve our service for future users.

At Inclusion Matters we're always interested in your comments and suggestions, and at the end of your time with our service we would like to know what you thought of your experience.

Patient Experience Questionnaire

Your practitioner will ask you to complete a Patient Experience Questionnaire (PEQ) which will ask you to rate your satisfaction with the support we gave.

We are interested in your feedback whether this is positive or negative, as it helps our service to grow, develop and to remain tailored to the needs of our service users.

Raising your concerns

At any time throughout your treatment with our service you have the right to voice your concerns or queries. We are a patient-centred service and we would like to be able to respond to any queries at the closest opportunity. 

From your first appointment through to your final appointment with a practitioner, it is important that you are able to voice your thoughts and ask any questions. 

Anything you are unsure of, you would like more clarity on or you would like to know more about, please feel free to ask. Our practitioners and administrative staff are happy to answer any questions or pass these queries on to the right person.

In addition, your practitioner will always make sure that you are as involved as possible in any decision-making processes regarding your support.

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