Visiting Your GP

Not registered with a GP?

When you attend an appointment with your GP it is important that you let them know how you are feeling. People will often visit their GP if they are ill, or have a problem with their physical health and will find it easy to tell their GP about this. 

Your GP is just as interested in how you are feeling regarding your mood and is there to help. At the appointment you may wish to speak about the problems you are facing at this time, or, to speak about the symptoms you are experiencing for example those associated with low mood or anxiety

The information pages within the Gaining Control Section of our website might help you to explain your symptoms more accurately. 

Your GP will likely ask you questions such as ‘how long have you been feeling this way?’ and perhaps ask you to rate your mood on some scales such as 0 to 10. Your GP may also complete a couple of questionnaires with you, regarding your symptoms.

The two most common questionnaires are the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ9) and the Generalised Anxiety Disorder inventory (GAD7). These questionnaires can also be completed online and you might find it useful to print them off and take them with you to your GP.

At this appointment your GP may also discuss the options of medication with you to help your symptoms.

Following this appointment, your GP may wish to monitor your mood for a period of time to see whether your symptoms improve. This is called active monitoring. This is an important step to assess whether your current problems or symptoms can be helped with some guidance from your GP or if you would benefit from some additional support from our service. Next step

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