Staying Well, Maintaining Improvements

Revising techniques and approaches...

Towards the end of therapy your practitioner will be re-capping over the progress made and ensuring that you are revising the techniques and approaches learned in your appointments together.

This allows both yourself and your practitioner to be confident that you have developed robust strategies for recognising and combating your symptoms and that these are strategies you can carry forward for the future.

This is a process commonly known in therapy terms as relapse prevention

Why not come back to our website from time to time to check your mood or to refresh your knowledge on ways to wellbeing.

Our Wirral HelpFinder also includes information directories that could help you to connect with self-support groups and other resources to keep well.

Recapping the skills you have learned will allow you to be confident that you will keep well at the end of therapy and allow you to be aware of any signs/symptoms of low mood or anxiety.

This will enable you to make an assessment of your current stress levels and to use the skills learned in sessions to make any adjustments to your workload or lifestyle in order to re-balance your mood/life stressors once more.

This is also a time when you will be able to recognise early on if support is needed in the future. All of this process allows you to understand yourself well and to recognise when some small changes may make a positive difference and when a few ‘top-up treatment’ appointments may be beneficial to refresh your knowledge and self-help skills.

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