Opting 'in' to our Service

What happens after I have been to my GP?

After you have visited your GP, you and your GP may decide to make a referral to our service to let us know you wish to try a course of talking therapy.

Your GP will give you a referral information pack, advising you to contact our service in a couple of days to allow time for your GP to transfer the referral information to us.

By contacting us you are 'activating your referral' or 'opting in' to our service and we'll arrange a suitable date and time for your first appointment. This first appointment is usually completed over the telephone.

We appreciate people are busy and may also want some time to think about accepting the offer of talking therapies, so we allow 2 weeks for you to call us and confirm your opt-in. If we don't hear from you we'll write back to your GP to tell them.

What does opting-in mean?

Choosing to ‘opt-in’ to the service means you are letting us know that you agree that you wish to receive support from Inclusion Matters Wirral. This means that you will be able to access support for your current concerns and that we will support you in finding a way to move forward.

What do I need to consider before I opt-in?

Although choosing to opt-in to the service means that we will provide support and guidance, this also requires commitment from you to make this work. There are some points we would like you to consider before you decide to opt-in to make sure that this is the right choice for you. Ask yourself:

  • Do I have the time available to commit to attending all of the appointments with a practitioner? The first set of appointments is up to 6 sessions, so how do I fit this in?
  • Are there any factors that would prevent me from being able to commit to attending regular appointments such as child care, time off work, transport?
  • We work within GP practices and other locations, so you might find a location that fits well with your other commitments?

It is important that you are able to keep all arranged appointments as this uses valuable therapeutic time.

If you Do Not Attend (DNA) any appointments with the service this may result in your discharge from the service back to the care of your GP as we will assume you do not want the appointment.

Please contact your Inclusion Matters Practitioner more than 24hours in advance of an appointment if you wish to cancel. This allows the practitioner to re-book the appointment and to give the time to someone else who may be able to attend.

  • Can I be easily contacted by telephone either at home or on a mobile phone? The first assessment and first appointment are by telephone, can I do this?
  • What are my contact preferences? Can I be contacted by telephone, can voicemail messages be left if I am unavailable to speak, are text messages ok?
  • Do I want to receive mobile text reminders for my appointments? We run a 'text alert system' in our service which may alert you to your arranged appointments 24hrs in advance, would you like to receive this?
  • Am I available to take an appointment at short-notice? Sometimes it is helpful to know if you are able to make an appointment at short notice as you may then be contacted for an on-the-day appointment if another person cancels and there is an appointment slot free.

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