1st Appointment (Telephone Assessment)

Opt-in and agree the time of my Telephone Assessment

When you call us to opt-in you will speak to one of our administration team who will check and update the information we have received from you GP. 

They will then arrange with you a convenient time slot for your first appointment (initial telephone assessment).

What is an initial telephone assessment (ITA)?

The initial telephone assessment is a telephone conversation held with a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner, High Intensity Therapist or Counsellor. The ITA will take approximately 40-45 minutes to complete subject to individual circumstances. Please ensure when this appointment is booked that you will have the time and the quiet, comfortable surroundings to complete this appointment.

During the telephone conversation you will complete an assessment questionnaire asking you about some of the symptoms you may be experiencing. The questions ask you to rate how often you have experienced symptoms such as low mood, poor sleep, feeling nervous, anxious or on-edge in the last 2 weeks.

There are also some questions asking if these symptoms have impacted on different life areas such as your social life and your household tasks. The practitioner will go through each question in turn and explain any queries you have about them and repeat the questions if necessary. 

These questions allow us to find out the extent to which these symptoms are affecting you and to monitor the changes/improvements made through therapy.

What's comes after my first appointment?

At the end of the first appointment we may out some relevant self-help literature for you to read as well as a letter detailing your outcome of assessment. Depending upon the outcome of assessment you will either be signposted to an appropriate organisation, placed onto one of our waiting lists for treatment, or discharged if we are unable to provide you a relevant service.

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