Agreeing upon the completion of your therapy

Talking Therapies from Inclusion Matters Wirral are 'time-limited' but are sensitively managed within agreed limits and at the point of being introduced to your practitioner you will have been advised about the number of sessions available to you.

Throughout treatment, both yourself and your practitioner will have been mindful of the time available and will have been speaking about the end of therapy in the last couple of appointments.

Towards the end of therapy it will be discussed between yourself and your practitioner what the next appropriate step is for you.

At this point, it may be that you are feeling well enough to be discharged from our service back to the care of your GP. If this is so, a letter will be sent to your GP informing them of the progress made and that you no longer require support from Inclusion Matters Wirral.

Now that you mood has improved, our practitioners may also signpost you to other services or types of support available, perhaps to tackle issues that contributed to your recent distress such as debt, unemployment and social isolation.

If both you and your practitioner feel that further support or a continuation of therapy is required, then it may be agreed upon that you come to the end of therapy with your current practitioner and are placed onto the waiting list to see a practitioner providing more intensive therapy to meet your needs or a practitioner trained in an alternative approach. 

Staying well, maintaining improvements

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