Time to assess your wellbeing?

Take 2 minutes and answer 14 questions to get some feedback on your current wellbeing - it's easy

Our quick and easy questionnaire allows you to assess your current wellbeing on a scale of 14 to 70 and it takes just a couple of minutes. Give it a try now...

Simply click on the box at the end of each statement that best describes your feelings and thoughts over the last 2 weeks and press submit to reveal your wellbeing score.

STATEMENTS None of the time Rarely Some of the time Often All of the time
I’ve been feeling optimistic about the future
I’ve been feeling useful
I’ve been feeling relaxed
I’ve been feeling interested in other people
I’ve had energy to spare
I’ve been dealing with problems well
I’ve been thinking clearly
I’ve been feeling good about myself
I’ve been feeling close to other people
I’ve been feeling confident
I’ve been able to make up my own mind about things
I’ve been feeling loved
I’ve been interested in new things
I’ve been feeling cheerful

Questionnaires are for information only and are not intended to replace a consultation with a GP or mental health professional.

Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-Being Scale (WEMWBS)
© NHS Health Scotland, University of Warwick and University of Edinburgh, 2006, all rights reserved.

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