Things feel difficult again...

Some days you may feel like things are slipping backwards. There are more down days, and it’s harder to keep going. You might be worried you’re going to end up back where you started. You may feel exhausted at the prospect of having to tackle anxiety or depression again. On these days you may notice feeling a bit overwhelmed, angry, scared. Other people may have noticed signs of problems coming back, you may be more irritable, distracted or stressed.

First – notice if this is a lapse, or a sign of relapse – what’s the difference? A lapse is a bad day, things not going as well as they could, but its not a pattern, you also have good days, and it isn’t taking over your life. A relapse is when the problem has firmly taken grip of your life again.

If you’re noticing more lapses and more difficulties emerging, its time to take action and prevent a relapse taking hold.

Try out the Living Life to the Full website and some of their online courses. This may be enough to remind you of what you’ve learned and refresh your skills in managing anxiety or

Refresh your memory of what you learned in therapy: where is your relapse prevention plan that is tailored to your specific problem and solutions? What helped before? Do you have a copy of your plan? Does your GP? Could you contact your old therapist and ask them for a copy of it if you don’t have one?

What do you know now that you didn’t know before you got help?

Consider using a mindfulness resource. If you tried it before you may know what suits you and where to start. If you’re a complete beginner you may want to find out more. These links give basic information, a stress test, details of local classes and you can find guided meditations and information on youtube: and



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