Update w/c 5th December 2011

Inclusion Matters Wirral Implementation Update #2

  1. Referrals are being received and assessments and interventions have commenced
  2. We are agreeing supervision, deployment and management arrangements with Tupe’d staff.
  3. Vacant posts will be going out to advert in the next few weeks on www.nhs.jobs.uk
  4. WHCC have agreed waiting list initiative. Beacon Counselling have been identified as third party provider and will work closely with IMW to manage the waiting list. This should start in December and run for a total of six months. (An update detailing the process involved will be posted on the website).
  5. Website launched and under review www.inclusion-matters-wirral.org.uk
  6. The plan to move the interim admin base to Claughton Medical centre is still on target.
  7. The longer term base at Woodside Industrial park has been identified and negotiations in relation to usage, refurbishment and specification are ongoing.
  8. Patient information leaflets have been developed and should be ready by 7th December 2011.
  9. IMW are presenting at the Consortia meeting on 7th December 2011.

Who do I go to for more information?

Robert Waugh, Paul Evans and Kieran Doherty (IAPT Lead, Inclusion Matters) are the North West based managers who are overseeing service implementation. 

They are contactable on:
Robert Waugh - Robert.waugh@nhs.net  and 0151 955 3200
Kieran Doherty - Kieran.doherty@nhs.net and 0151 228 2300
Paul Evans - paul.evans8@nhs.net and 07837072186

The commissioning contacts are Lorna Quigley and Dr Phil Jennings.

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