Professional Area

This section of our website is designed to provide additional information for professionals about Inclusion Matters Wirral. Whilst this section is available to all site visitors, if you are not a healthcare professional you may find other content more helpful.


Our service was launched on 7th November 2011 and over the next few months we'll be recruiting additional staff and perparing to move to a new administrative base with clinical accommodation at Woodside Industrial Park, Birkenhead.

During this initial phase of our service delivery we'll be doing our very best to keep all colleagues up to date with our progress via regular service implementation updates, including waiting time information.

You can also download the electronic referral form, the PDF version and the patient referral and information letter.


Inclusion Matters Wirral Service Overview

Inclusion Matters Wirral offers primary care based psychological interventions for common mental health issues (anxiety, depression and related disorders) and problems with alcohol. It provides a stepped care approach (Steps 2 and 3) and a range of interventions recommended by NICE guidance.

Psychological therapists work in GP practices, community settings, and, where appropriate,  in people’s homes. We provide individual face to face contact, telephone support and group work.

Hours of operation

Normal working hours and evening sessions Monday to Friday

Referral criteria

  • Age 16 onwards
  • GP referral from Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group Practices
  • Resident in Wirral
  • Depression and/or Anxiety disorders (mild, moderate and severe) and related conditions such as obsessive compulsive disorders, and post traumatic stress disorder (as defined by DSM-IV diagnostic criteria) which may or may not be accompanied by hazardous, harmful and moderately dependent drinking patterns
  • Low to moderate levels of risk to self and/or others, or indications of severe risk to self and/or others but with deterrents and support

Exclusion criteria

  • Under the age of 16
  • Already supported by specialist mental health services
  • Acute symptoms, and/or complex symptoms that may include a personality disorder, psychotic features and/or significant psychiatric co-morbidity with inadequate response to multiple treatments
  • Serious indications of risk to self and others with intent or means.

If you have questions about the service please get in touch and we'll answer your questions or deal with your query promptly. 

Strengthening Pathways & Engagement with Primary Care

Inclusion Matters Wirral is keen to strengthen our relationship with Primary Care, community groups and other partnership agencies and would be pleased to come to practice meetings and share information, provide training or to help problem solve. Find out more about our Step 1 Liaison Role here or contact the service and speak to Paul Evans or Rachel Glynn-Williams. 

Information Governance

If you have any queries about IG please refer to the Information Governance Protocol for Inclusion Matters Wirral, Sefton and Liverpool.