Assessment Tools / Questionnaires

The questionnaires and assessment tools used by patients and therapists at each appointment session have been translated into a number of community langues and can be freely downloaded here.

PHQ9 in Polish

GAD7 in Polish

WASA (Work and Social Adjustment Scale) in Polish

PHQ9 & GAD7 in Punjabi

PHQ9 & GAD7 in Hindi

PHQ9 & GAD7 in Gujarati

PHQ9 & GAD7 in Arabic

PHQ9 & GAD7 in Bengali

Having difficulty finding health information in other languages?

A searchable database of quality approved health information in other languages is available here. The database holds over 1,700 resources and you can search via 'keyword' or 'language'.

If your first language is not English, our service is able to provide therapy with help from an Interpreter. Find out more about how we provide talking therapies in other community languages with the help of professional Interpreters.

Find out how to access talking therapies from Inclusion Matters Wirral, supported by a professional interpreter.

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