Feeling depressed or anxious?

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Most Talking Therapies provided by the NHS now include the regular use of questionnaires to help patients and therapists measure progress during the course of treatment.

Questionnaires for Depression and Anxiety can be completed here and will help you to understand the extent to which anxiety or depression is affecting your life.

This could provide a starting point to find out more about these common problems or encourage you to make the first step towards getting some professional help. They only take a minute or two to complete, so please give them a try.

Think about how you have felt in the last two weeks when answering the questions and when you have completed the form, press submit to reveal your results.

You might find it helpful to print your questionnaire results and discuss these with your GP if you decide this is right for you.

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Questionnaires are for information only and are not intended to replace a consultation with a GP or mental health professional.

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