A new psychological therapies service for Deaf people on the Wirral

Introducing BSL Healthy Minds

BSL Healthy Minds is a new service delivered by SignHealth (national charity for mental health and deafness) and NHS North West - a partnership for Positive Healthy Minds for Deaf People. The service accepts GP and self-referral and the BSL Healthy Minds Website and patient information leaflet include information on how to access the service. You can also SMS or email the service.

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What is BSL Healthy Minds?

BSL Healthy Minds is a FREE service for Deaf people who are feeling stressed, low in mood (depressed), very nervous (anxiety), sleep problems or panicky.

How can BSL Healthy Minds help me?

You can discuss your problems with a BSL-fluent therapist, then work out what you need to help you feel better. Your therapist will listen to you and everything will be confidential. More information will be given to you at your first session about confidential information.

Where will the sessions with the therapist take place?

Sessions with your therapist will be face to face in a safe and private place. It might be at your GP surgery or sometimes you might use Skype.

Is this right for me?

A lot of people have experienced stress, low mood, anxiety and sleep problems which can happen at time in their lives. About 40% of Deaf people in the UK suffer from these same problems at any one time. You are not alone!

How do I get help?

  • You can refer yourself. Look on the BSL Healthy Minds website and fill in the referral form. You can also SMS or email us.
  • Your Doctor - ask your GP to refer you to BSL Healthy Minds
  • Social Workers and Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) also know about the service and can help you access it
  • Download this patient information leaflet

Things You Can Do to Help Yourself

You can look at information in BSL about how to help yourself on www.bslhealthyminds.org.uk. There are different topics such as stress and anxiety, panic attacks, bereavement, depression, sleep problems, confidence building and many others - please have a look.

You can SMS or email BSL Healthy Minds and ask for a DVD to be sent to you. Please get in touch if you feel unhappy or have any worries, also if you are not sure if you have a problem or not, please contact us too - we are here to help.

To refer yourself or someone else to the service:

Telephone: 01494 687600
Fax: 01494 687622
SMS: 07966 976747
email: info@bslhealthyminds.org.uk


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