We are a free, specialist talking therapies and wellbeing service in Wirral.

We’re are an NHS service offering information, guided self-help and a range of approved talking therapies from GP practices and other community locations across Wirral. Our aim is to provide the help you need in convenient locations within easy reach of where you live or work.

Please note we are not a crisis service. If you are in need of urgent support we strongly advise you stay in regular contact with your GP.



Health conditions like diabetes, chronic pain, COPD, fibromyalgia or fatigues can leave you feeling low in mood.

Would you like to explore how stress, worry and mood may be affecting you?

Would you like information on how you can plan to make activities more manageable?

Accessing our Service

If you feel that your current level of mental wellbeing is affecting your quality of life and you think that talking therapies could be the right thing for you, please refer yourself by calling us on 0151 649 1859, completing our online referral here, alternatively you can talk to your GP about referring you to us.

Links with other support organisations

Because our mental wellbeing doesn't work in isolation from other aspects of our lives, we've added a number of links to information directories such as VCA Wirral and Citizens Advice to our website too. These (and other directories) can lead you to statutory and voluntary organisations that can help with a wide range of issues such as housing and debt advice through to support for carers and volunteering opportunites.

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